Clare Iles’ work is a gathering of materials, creating sculptures that balance the outside and inside through research and response, exploring the feeling of being an outsider.
At one time more nomadic and outward looking, Clare has worked in extreme environments to challenge values and reflect on the true self.  Often working from ‘real’ things; creating sculptures out of found furniture and bringing these objects together and apart again; drawn from exploring childhood memories of playing house with objects to hand, creating a place to be, her own expression and her own rules. The results are tactile, spontaneous and intuitive.
Iles’ work is influenced by travel and research and has carried out extensive artist funded travel – Western India 2005 Arts Council East, Jerusalem 2010 Arts Council East, Artist Travels: Greece 1999, Australia 2000, Dominican Republic 2001, Western India 2006, Northern India 2007, Jerusalem 2009 / 2010.
Clare Iles has exhibited her work across the UK and Europe from inclusion in an international group exhibition through to several artist residences, projects and solo shows.
Clare has taught Fine Art on the BA Degree Course and Art & Design Diplomas at Colchester School of Art and led workshops and projects across all age groups within galleries, schools and housing associations.
Education: MA Fine Art, Norwich School of Art (NUCA), BA (Hons) Fine Art (1st class)
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